Dr. Chin Earns Membership With Stanford Who’s Who

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Dr. Chin Shih Choon Earns Membership With Stanford Who’s Who

SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA, December 17, 2012 /Stanford Who’s Who/

An extraordinary entrepreneur and executive in the healthcare industry with over two decades of diverse professional experience in the field, Dr. Chin Shih Choon has consistently demonstrated the passion, vision, dedication and diligence necessary to be mentioned among the elite. As a result of his phenomenal body of work, Dr. Chin has earned recognition in the exclusive network of prominent professionals with Stanford Who’s Who.

Drawing upon his wealth of knowledge in the field as well as outstanding business acumen and management abilities, Dr. Chin founded MJ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic in 2004, a comprehensive, result driven aesthetic clinic in Shah Alam, Malaysia. He is also the medical director and advisor of MJ Aesthetic™, a group of medical spas in Malaysia. Under his brilliant leadership, MJ Aesthetic™ has developed into the premier skin, anti-aging and aesthetic centers in the region.

Simultaneous to running MJ Aesthetic™, Dr. Chin serves as an aesthetic and laser physician for the Mahkota Medical Centre, a multi-disciplinary medical specialists hospital in Malacca. In his role at the center, he is responsible for providing outpatient consultation to patients as well as performing a variety of procedures, including Botox® injection, advanced filler injection, cosmetic lasers, skin resurfacing, chemical peels, body sculpting, face sculpting, and laser lipolysis.

Evidencing his remarkable reputation in the professional medical community, Dr. Chin served as a speaker at the Malaysia Singapore Conference on Aesthetic Medicine in 2012. Dr. Chin also spoke at the Aesthetic Asia Conference 2011 in Singapore on laser hair removal and laser facelift. Currently, Dr. Chin chairs the Review Board for Restylane™ Filler users in Malaysia. He also serves as a Lecturer for the Postgraduate Dermatology Course at the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia.

Additionally, Dr. Chin is the newly elected President of the Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, demonstrating the confidence and recognition from his professional peers in the aesthetic medical field. He also sits on the Committee for the National Guidelines for Aesthetic Medical Practitioners, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

During his collegiate career, Dr. Chin earned a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree from the Mangalore University (Manipal Academy of Higher Education). He also earned a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (USA), Postgraduate certification in Dermatology from the Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia with distinction, and a Diploma in Dermatology (DPCD) from the Institute of Dermatology, Ministry of Health Thailand.

During his free time, Dr. Chin SCUBA dives with his family and friends in exotic sites all around the world. Dr. Chin attributes his success and blessings to the grace of God.

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